Tech Support


Checking Credit Balance

Event Promoters have the option and ability to issue a credit for your canceled or postponed event. When you are issued a credit, you will be notified via email and/or push notification / text message.

Credits will appear in the Payments Section of the App and will also show in the Ticket section. You can go to either location in the app to view your credit balance at any time.

Credits are ONLY good for events that the original Event Promoter promotes. (Sometimes the Promoter is not the same as the regular Track Operator or Promoter at the track that hosted the event that you may have been issued credit from.)

Using Credits

You can check the events where you can use your credit in the Payment Section of the App under Credits.

When you go to purchase tickets for an event where your credit is applicable, you will be reminded that you have a credit, and will be able to apply your credit to the purchase at check out.

Tracks and Promoters manage their process, so please watch for communication from them.