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Refund Policy

Ticket Hoss’ Refund Policy Refund / Credit / Cancellation Policy can be found here:

In summary, Ticket Hoss’ Refund Policy is that Tickets are typically non-refundable, but the Refund Policy is set by the Event Promoter.

If you are granted a refund by the Event Promoter, the refund will be for the Ticket Price, but the Transaction Fees are Non-Refundable.

Requesting a Refund

Tickets are Typically Non-Refundable, but You can Contact the Event Promoter for Refund Requests via the Ticket Hoss App prior to the conclusion of the scheduled event.

This request goes directly to the Event Promoter, and they will have the ability to respond and honor that request, in accordance with their refund / credit policy. 

Requests must be submitted prior to the conclusion of the scheduled event.  Please allow 3 business days for a response.

From the Ticket Hoss App Menu:

  • Go to “Payments” in the Ticket Hoss App menu
  • Go to “Payment History”
  • Tap “Refund Request”
  • Review the Policy and tap Continue
  • Select the Purchase you’re requesting a refund for
  • Select the reason for your request
  • Select the items you’re asking to have refunded
  • Tap “Request Refund”

The venue or event promoter is responsible for issuing refunds, credits or exchanges.  Pit Pay, Inc. does not facilitate refunds when events are cancelled.

Tracks and promoters manage their process, so please watch for communication from the track or promoter via Push Notification, in the “Notifications” section in the app or via Text Message.

The event promoter can issue a refund and must approve all refund requests. You can typically find contact information for the event promoter on the track or event FAQs in the app.

When a refund is issued you will receive an email confirmation.  Please allow 7-10 days for funds to be applied back to the payment method you used to make the purchase. 

Always check the track’s refund policy in advance. You can usually find the track’s refund policy in the track’s FAQ section in the app or on their website.

Reach out directly to the Track or Promoter with questions.

Mistakes During the Purchase Process

If you made a mistake during the purchase process (bought tickets to the wrong event, bought the wrong type of ticket, etc.), you can submit a Support Request to the Ticket Hoss Team or contact the Event Promoter and we can try to help get your purchases resolved.