Tech Support

Sign-Up Steps

  • Scroll through the Ticket Hoss App Feature Tour
  • Tap “Get Started”
  • Enter Your Mobile Number
  • Enter the 6-Digit Text Verification Code that you receive
  • Enter Your First & Last Name
  • Enter Your Email Address
  • Enter Your Zip Code
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy and Ticket License
  • Choose Your Location Settings
    • Ticket Hoss uses your location to show you the tracks and events closest to you to help ensure that you have the best in-app experience possible. With so many tracks in the app, filtering by your location can help you find tracks in your area quickly and easily.
  • Consider Allowing Notifications
    • Event Promoters and Ticket Hoss use notifications to keep you updated on things like event updates, status changes, time changes, rescheduling information, credits, when passes are going on sale, etc.
    • Update these settings at any time by going to Notifications in the app menu, tapping on “Allow” and toggling the notifications on or off
    • You can also update your app settings on your device for the Ticket Hoss App to allow notifications
  • Set Up Tracks and Series Favorites (or do that later)
  • Set Up Your Payment Method (or do that later)