Tech Support

What You Will Need

To sign up for your own Ticket Hoss Account:

  • Be 13 or older
  • Provide a unique mobile number
  • Provide an email address

13 & over

You must be 13 years of age or older to create a Ticket Hoss App Account.

Smart Phone

In order to download and sign up for Ticket Hoss, you will need a smart phone.

  • iPhone users should have at least iOS version 11.3 and Safari 11.
  • Android users should have at least Android 6.0.1 and Chrome 55.

Mobile number – (Unique from any Ticket Hoss User)

Your mobile phone number is your Ticket Hoss Account Number so you must provide a unique mobile number when signing up. (Number Can Not Be Used By / Shared With Any Other Pit Pay User)

Upon Account Signup, you will be sent a verification code via text message to authenticate the mobile number as your Ticket Hoss Account Number.

Email Address – (Unique from any other Ticket Hoss User)

You must provide a unique email address when signing up for Ticket Hoss. (Email Address Can Not Be Used By / Shared With Any Other Ticket Hoss User).

Receipts, credits, notices and messages will be delivered to the email address associated with your Ticket Hoss account.

Tip: You can quickly set up a free email account with Gmail or many other email providers.